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Office 365 on Windows Devices


Hundreds of added
sales opportunities

From dawn to dusk, Windows devices with Office 365 opens up more sales – providing your customer’s cloud-based productivity and the familiar, rich Office experience they love – all as a cloud service.

That means they can now get all their regular applications and files from virtually anywhere, on any Windows device.

Unprecedented Opportunity

Suddenly, this gives you an opportunity of the size that simply hasn’t been seen before. No longer are you just selling Office 365, you’re delivering customers improved productivity through added applications, such as SharePoint, Lync and Yammer – and extending your sales further by adding devices like the new Lenovo Tablet or the latest Nokia Windows Smartphone.

Your customers can now create a spreadsheet on their laptop. Edit it on their tablet, and share it from their smartphone. Wherever they are, Office 365 makes it easy to keep working regardless of the device used.

You can also make them more collaborative with their colleagues, customers and partners, everywhere they go, using whatever device they have to hand – securely sharing files, calendars and business-class email.


Multiple Device Versatility

With Office 365 and it’s versatility across multiple devices, changes everything when it comes to home and work life computing. Office 365 means that users can take their desktop computer with them on their phone, allowing them to pick up emails and update information on the fly, and from any Windows compatible device – knowing that all the information is safe and secure.

Microsoft Office 365 is more than a productivity tool; it opens the door to a plethora of new devices that can change the way your customers do business. Whatever device they’re using - desktop PC, laptop or tablet, Office 365 provides all the power and applications to get the job done.

Explore the technology featured in the video

Discover how a Windows 8 device combined with the benefits and features from Office 365 touches your customer’s lives from dawn to dusk.

your #LumiaBizTrial today

A day-in-the-life of an Office 365 device

Watch the video here

So successful the first time, they’re doing it again. Put Lumia, Windows Phone and Office 365 in your customers hands.

#LumiaBizTrial is a 45-day trial that puts three Lumia phones in the hands of your customers so they can experience the benefits of Lumia, Windows Phone and Office 365 first-hand.

Lumia is gathering momentum in the business market, and research tells us that once businesses trial Lumia, they adopt the devices as their phone of choice.

What does a customer get?
• An impressive Microsoft Lumia trial pack
• A Lumia 630, Lumia 735 and Lumia 830
• Quick start video and video card
• Customer Quick Start Guides
• Free one-month Office 365 trial

What do you get?
• Free marketing support package
• Partner branded eMarketing campaign
#LumiaBizTrial sales, marketing and technical support

As part of the #LumiaBizTrial we are offering a Free Partner Branded Dawn to Dusk Video. This will be limited to the first partner to sign up to the trial package. So don’t delay.

Why it benefits you?
#LumiaBizTrial helps you to grow revenue, generate demand for Windows Phone and Office 365 with your customers. And it’s our way of helping you respond to the mobile demand from your customers.

Does it work?
Microsoft ran a similar programme last year with mobile reseller partners, which generated over 110,000 new device sales in the UK.

What do you need to do?
#LumiaBizTrial packs are limited so act now in order to ensure your customers aren’t disappointed. Packs are distributed on a first come, first served basis, and there is a customer qualification process. So don’t delay.

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